I am a software engineer with a Master of Science in Embedded Systems from Technikum Vienna and more than 15 years of software development experience in C, Objective-c, Javascript and Java.

In the past 6 years I have been the CTO of a software and design agency with a total of 10 team members, so I consider my communication and team skills to be well trained.

My main focus since 2009 is mobile app development on iOS in Objective-c as well as a bit of Android.

Since 2015 I am passionate about Meteor due to its full stack approach. I love to be able to handle the server and client side for iOS, Android, Web and server backend applications in the same code base.

Kids Community

My client wanted me to create an iOS, Android and Web based app for kids. By choosing Meteor I was able to create all applications from the same code base, which was a huge productivity boost. The concept and all illustrations were created by my graphic designer.

Sep-Dez 2015

Kids Community Meteor app

Corporate Campus
iPhone & iPad

I built a native iPhone app as an extension to this client's web application. It's basically a very clever news app for employees in big coprorations. Using some intelligent algorithms, all news articles are being sorted by likes or shares on social media platforms.

Jul-Nov 2015

Corporate Campus iPhone app

Uns gefällt, was wir sehen!

Jan-Hendrik Lendholt, Head of Product IT, Content Fleet, May 2014
Jan-Hendrik Lendholt Portrait

Admin Interface

My client needed an administration interface for an iPad app that was used internally. I used Meteor to create the user administration, file uploader, thumbnail creator for videos, images and documents, as well as a simple JSON API.

Mar 2016

Admin Interface Meteor app

Vinzenz always delivers high quality and finds a solution to every problem. I enjoy working with him.

Luka Mirosevic Portrait

Personal Trainer
iPhone & iPad

Men's Health Germany was one of our most popular clients at blockhaus. I developed major parts of the iOS app and kept oversight of the complete system architecture, the development and design team as well as customer communications.

Sep 2012 - May 2015

Kids Community Meteor app

Uns konnte Blockhaus auch dieses Mal wieder mit seiner Top-Performance überzeugen, so dass wir uns auf weitere spannende Projekte mit ihnen freuen.

Markus Stenglein Portrait

Leiden Culinair

The client is a food festival organizer in the Netherlands. For his yearly event, I developed a native iPhone app with a simple AWS backend using Amazon DynamoDB. This app is also using a sophisticated indoor navigation SDK.

May-Jun 2015

Kids Community Meteor app

Working with Vinzenz is always a pleasure. Thanks for all the great work!

Bernd Gruber Portrait

Smoothie Maker

A simple recipe app for Smoothies on iOS, Android and Web. Create an account and add your own recipes or add them to your favourites on all your devices.

Sep-Dez 2015

Smoothie Maker Meteor app

Agency Portfolio
Apps & Games

Please also check out my portfolio of apps and games I built for different clients in the role of the co-founder and CTO with my team back at blockhaus in 2013 until 2015.




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Vienna, Austria


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